The value of exchange

Sharnai James-McGovernAnother month, another post. I cannot believe how busy I’ve suddenly become. My brother is getting married early next year, so as honorary wedding coordinator I’ve found myself amidst the world of stunningly pretty things. Thank goodness for my time at Queensland Brides magazine which has prepared me more than I ever expected. My first task has been to design (graphic design is one of my other skills) the invites. The back and forth exchange has been great to come up with something that both they and I are happy with.

This exchange of ideas and opinions is important, not only in wedding plans, but in pretty much everything. When I’m writing for a client I will often go back to them to clarify details and make sure that what they want to be said is what is coming across to a reader. Even when what you’re writing is a simple as the text inside of a wedding invite (I had no idea how complicated wedding invitation text was until now) there are many different options and perspectives you need to take into account. My brother and his fiancĂ©e for instance wanted to have their invites to come from a first person perspective: ‘we invite you…’ not ‘you are invited to…’

Today is the day we put the final touches on the invites and start getting them printed. Very exciting!