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In recent months I received my first eReader. A Kobo to be precise. Now I have for years been an eReader … I just lacked the actual device. I had grown rather attached the squint I had personalised while reading a book from my iPhone’s screen, or the awkward scroll when reading from a computer screen. I have used the iBooks, Kindle, and Kobo applications for my phone happily, my collection of books had grown and grown, and my squint grown more pronounced when I was unceremoniously gifted with an actual reader.  By unceremoniously, I mean that my brother threw it at me and said, ‘you want this?’

Of course I want this.

My early morning commute has changed significantly, I no longer have to fumble to turn a page while holding the hanging loop as the train bumped along the track. My handbag weighs a lot less, as I don’t have to carry two books if I’m on the verge of finishing one. I can change my mind as to what book I’m reading without waiting until I got home. In a word, ‘WOOPEE!’

I was happy that the very first book I read on my new reader was one penned by my friend Antoinette Turner (Cookies and Cream), but I have since then consumed many more. I find that I’m very fond of the free section on the Kobo store, there’s nothing better than discovering something new that I mightn’t have picked ordinarily.

I’m currently on holidays in the beautiful city of Adelaide, so my suitcase was very happy not to be piled with books this time. My only down point was waiting for the seatbelt sign to be turned off so I could switch on my reader. Apparently printed books still win that category.